OBOC Kompetenz

expertise in wind

I am a master electrician with a penchant for wind and sea. I have been working for the offshore wind industry since 2004. Initially in full-time employment, since January 2015 as a freelance project team member and consultant. My clients include energy companies, project developers and manufacturers of wind turbines. I will guide you through the planning, construction and operation of medium-sized and large offshore wind projects with great dedication and due diligence. Exactly according to the specific requirements.


  • Master electrician
  • Switching authorisation up to 150 KV
  • Responsible Electrical Person - vEFK/ SAP
  • Offshore certificates acc. to GWO & BGR standard  
  • Offshore Medical acc. to AWMF (DGMM) Standard
  • HUET
  • German / English (fluent)
  • Extensive computer knowledge (Windows Office, SAP)
  • Operational Management of Wind Turbines

many years of experience in:

  • Preparation and detailed planning of offshore projects 
  • Supervision and monitoring of WTG installations, mechanical completion and commissioning activities
  • Team leadership 
  • Supervision and coordination of subcontractors
  • Customer management for commissioning / maintenance inquires
  • Supervision and execution of HSE regulations
  • Document management